The Open Systems Group performs the system administration for UF's Pinnacle installation. Links:

CNS maintains billing and management for campus-wide telecommunications and networking services, including:

  • local phone service
  • calling card and international phone service
  • state long distance phone service - SUNCOM
  • long distance phone service
  • management system for work orders and inventory
  • voice over IP
  • service to the wallplate
  • future services, including:
    • cellular phone service

The infrastructure for this service is in the process of being moved to PAETEC's Pinnacle Communication Management Suite. This system change should be production sometime in summer 2005.


  • One-stop consolidation for all telecommunications functions across campus
  • Web interface to manage billing, and work order entry/status.
  • Integration with PeopleSoft for billing.


Open Systems and Applications co-manage the infrastructure that runs Pinnacle. Applications manages from the application layer to the users, Open Systems manages from the application layer to the hardware. The groups have some overlap in the operation of the database and closely coordinate on status and changes.

Pinnacle Definition

Service Dependencies
Systems Administration
NSAM Backup
Machine Dependencies

Data Classifications

Data type Principal Custodian User confidentiality Integrity Availability
Pinnacle System Files
Eli Ben-Shoshan OSG, Application Support Staff OSG, Application Support
Medium Medium High
Oracle Database Data
Eli Ben-Shoshan OSG Staff OSG, Application Support, Telecommunications, Telecom customers
Medium Medium High