Gatorlink Webmail


GatorLink WebMail is an application offered by the CNS Open Systems Group to the UF community which provides web access to the GatorLink Email service.

GatorLink WebMail is distinct from GatorLink Email. A GatorLink email account provides a e-mail address to all UF applicants, students, faculty and staff. GatorLink email accounts can be accessed using any email program that supports the IMAP protocol including MS-Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, MacMail, and many others. Information on configuring various email clients to access a GatorLink account may be found on the "GatorLink E-Mail Setup" page of the UF Helpdesk's website.

GatorLink WebMail is simply a web-based client that allows you to access your GatorLink email account via your web browser (i.e.: FireFox, Safari) instead of configuring a standalone IMAP client as mentioned above.


  • Incorporates attractive, easy-to-use interface
  • Supports drag-and-drop
  • Provides folder list in most views
  • Supports HTML and plain text
  • Search messages from main window
  • Provides pop-up e-mail composition window
  • Offers recipient auto-complete in replies
  • Provides spell checking
  • Offers message preview pane


GatorLink WebMail User's Guide

Gatorlink Webmail FAQ