How to request aliases

This document is intended to help departmental IT staff request aliases from UFIT.  Please consider the following rules when applying for an email alias/forwarder.

Use Case

Individuals:  We absolutely do not support adding new aliases for individuals.  This service is intended for use by UF official entities as a means to conduct official UF business.  If, as an individual, you need an email address other than your current Gatorlink userid you will have to consider changing your Gatorlink username.  If a username change is what you desire, please contact the UF Computing Helpdesk by opening a ticket in the UFIT ticketing system at, or by calling them at (352) 392-HELP (4357).

UF Departments and Organizations: The appropriate use of this service occurs when departments or other UF organizations request an alias when it is decided that they need a top-level email point of contact for some official business purposes (top-level addresses are, not

Before requesting an alias please consider the alternative: creating and publishing an email address within the scope of your departmental control. For example <user>@<dept>, a service account or distribution list within UF Exchange, or an listserv

How it works aliases are not mailboxes.  Instead, they are maintained as forwarding addresses within the SMTP service provided at  As such when we establish your new alias we must have a forwarding address to which mail can be delivered.  In most cases departmental IT staff will be responsible for creating and maintaining the mailbox or distribution list to which mail is forwarded.

We can only deliver mail to a single target address.  As such we require the target address NOT be an individual's mailbox.  Instead we recommend using an email address over which your departmental IT staff has control.  Service accounts or distribution lists in UF Exchange work particularly well for this.

Guidelines for the username portion of aliases

Please make sure the name doesn't conflict with the GL name space by including a dash ('-') character in the name. You should also select a name for the alias that is specific enough to your project or organizational unit to not be misconstrued as being more general or broad than is appropriate.  It's hard to quantify this, but your requested alias will be subject to some scrutiny to make sure it doesn't misrepresent University business.  If you do need a broad scoped alias, be sure to include reasoning for it, so that the rationale can be considered.

Exceptions may be made for existing aliases, to add another alias of the same format, provided requestor acknowledges that other naming standards are deprecated and they should begin a migration to the standards above. Exceptions may also be made at the request of a UF Senior VP's office or the President's office.

Requesting an Alias

After reading this document and evaluating your request for compliance with these policies, please submit your request via the UFIT ticketing system at

Please include the following information:

  • The compliant email alias you are requesting.
  • The target address to which you'd like the mail forwarded.
  • The UF entity you are representing.