Spam Scoring at


All messages that pass through are filtered and scored by a system that looks for characteristics of spam, phishing attempts, and other types of unsolicited bulk email.

How it works

As each email message is relayed through, it passes though a filtering system that runs different, specific tests. Each of these tests contributes to an overall SPAM score. The SPAM score, and a summary of the individual tests is placed in the headers of the message before it is sent to its destination.


Reporting Spam

If the system does not mark a message as SPAM that should be, the user should forward the message to <>.



Reporting Ham

If the system marks a message as SPAM in error, the user should resend the entire original message to <>. Please do not send the message as an attachment or a forward, you must submit an exact reproduction of the original message (with the sole difference of recipient address as "").  After you send the message to please open a ticket requesting that we review your submission so we can follow up with you. 

To correctly submit the ticket for efficient processing:

  1. Click "Technology Services"
  2. Select "Communications & Collaboration"
  3. Select "Email and Calendaring"
  4. On the next page, select "Rport an Incident"
  5. Enter the details (sender email address, date & approximate time) in the text box and your phone number in the appropriate box.
  6. Click "Submit"


Once we get your ticket we'll evaluate it and submit it to the vendor.  Once this has been done you'll receive notification that your ticket has been resolved.

More information

Questions or problems? Contact the UF Computing Helpdesk (352) 392-HELP (4357).