New Customer?


Before we meet to initiate a pilot of our backup service, there are a few decisions which, if you make them ahead of time, will save some effort and confusion. Please identify:

  1. a brief name or acronym which will be used to describe your "Policy Domain" within TSM. 
  2. administrators who will act on your TSM data, by GatorLink ID. These folks should subscribe to the TSM administrators' mailing list,
  3. the mail address (preferably an alias whose content you can manage locally) to which status updates about your machines should be sent.


Send mail to with these data, as we're discussing meeting times. If we have the data in hand, we can make all necessary preparations for your pilot in advance.

I recommend trying an install on your workstation, thus generating both an easily accessible guinea pig, and a convenient installation of the administrative client.

The admin client is installed automatically on unix-like OSes; in Windows-land, you'll need to do a custom install and add the feature 'Administrative command line'.




After the pilot period your organization can either sign up for the NSAM service or decline and have your data purged from the server. To sign up for the service you need to have a CNS ID created.  We will need the following information, all of it, in order to proceed.

Dept. Name

Tech Contact Name
Tech Contact Email
Tech Contact Phone
Fiscal Contact Name
Fiscal Contact Email
Fiscal Contact Phone
Alt Contact Name
Alt Contact Email
Alt Contact Phone