Service Description

A collection of services.

NERSP is the name given to CNS's IBM POWERparallel RS/6000 SP. These machines run the AIX operating system (IBM's implementation of Unix), and offers several services to the UF community. NERSP customers include both individuals and UF organizations needing the services available on this platform. Some of the most visible of these services are NERSP email, shell access, personal web space, and ftp access.

A core service

Along with providing basic UNIX services, a NERSP account is often the entry point for some of our other services. For instance, customers of our web hosting service must first obtain a NERSP account.

Although NERSP has been at the core of OSG's business for years, many of its services are slowly being replaced by the more modern Gatorlink services.

How NERSP fits in

Maintenance of the NERSP services is one of the major charges of OSG's system administration function. All data stored on NERSP is regularly backed up to our NSAM service to assure integrity.