TSM Config file: unix-like


The TSM client applications are configured by the use of plain-text config files, though some TSM client interfaces (notably Windows) offer a "wizard"-based interface to assist configuration tasks. The following is an annotated example of the configuration which might result from a trip through these wizards.  This example has conventions and options appropriate for a unix-like system, including Linux.

Users of the "EXT" server, which is most TSM customers except for CNS and ERP staffers, might be able to use the following configuration verbatim, except for the node name. The options in this file are documented in the client manuals, which are linked to from the Administrator Documentation page.

Config Example

defaultserver tsmext

SErvername tsmext

COMMmethod TCPip

* This bit will change according to your server,
* should be correct for the 'ext' server.
* Check http://open-systems.ufl.edu/tsm/list.html
* if you're unsure.
tcpserveraddress tsmext.nsam.it.ufl.edu
tcpport 1830

sslrequired no

* This limits the TSM 'client acceptor daemon' to
* running scheduled tasks, instead of also offering
* a web interface to the world.
managedservices schedule

PasswordAccess generate

ErrorLogName "/var/log/dsmerror.log"
SchedLogName "/var/log/dsmsched.log"

SchedLogRetention 10
resourceutilization 6

* If you only want to consider some of the filesystems present
* on your box, you can list them in this DOMAIN statement.
* (and uncomment it...) If it is present, though, any filesystem
* not listed in it will be ignored.
* DOMAIN / /var /alice /bob /charley

* If you've set up distinct management classes and want to assign
* files to them, you'll be using "include-exclude" statements.

* See the client  manual for your architecture for full details!!!

* Include-exclude statements are extremely powerful tools, and thus present the possibility for serious error.
* include.backup /export/database/backups/*   DBBACKUP
* All subsidiary files
* include.backup /export/homes01/.../* USERS
* and directories
* include.backup /export/homes01/.../*/ USERS