Remotely Managing IIS7 Hosted Websites

Remotely Managing IIS7 Hosted Websites


Download the IIS7 Remote Management Tool from here:

This tool can be installed on any Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or 2003 operating system.

note: The workstation that you're installing the IIS7 Manager to may need to have the IIS Management Console installed before you can install the Manager tool. To do this, go to the Control Panel on your workstation, choose Programs, Turn Windows Features On or Off, and select IIS Management Console (located under IIS\Web Management Tools in Windows 7, for example).  The IIS7 Manager will tell you if you don't have this installed.


To connect to the IIS7 management service:

1) Start the manager.

2) Choose "connect to a site".

3) Enter the dns address for your website in both the server name and the site name prompts.

4) Enter your ufad\gatorlink account name

5) Accept the certificate and choose connect.

6) Choose Finish.


You may occasionally receive prompts stating that New Features are available on the site.  These are optional - not all of these are necessarily relevant, but you some may offer additional management features that you can take advantage of. In this example, I think the url rewrite and web deployment ui are worth installing.




When you select the features that you want to update, the software will automatically download the installers (and will prompt you to install any additional dependacies required).

Afterwards, the IIS Manager will display the options that you can modify for your website.