Quota Support for Isilon based CIFS filesystems

Isilon Quota support

Three types of quotas are currently supported by the Isilon appliance: Directory, User, and Group.

Directory Quotas

Directory quotas can be set at any directory level in the tree, so in the following example:

your filespace
       - keith
          - mp3s

If your fileshare is 1 terabyte, a directory quota of 500gb could be set for Home, a 10gb quota could be set for keith, and a 1gb quota could be set for mp3s.

If you set a 20gb quota for the mp3 directory, when it reached 10gb, the quota set for the keith directory would kick in and disallow additional writes.

By default, the amount of available disk space for a folder structure will be shown as the hard quota limit set in a directory quota.

Group Quotas

There are two types of group quotas available, one is a "default" group quota, which means that any group that doesn't have a specific quota configured will pick up this quota. The other is a quota configured for a specific group.

User Quotas

Like group quotas, there are two types of User quotas, default and specific.

Like the default group quota, the default user quota setting is applied to any user who does not have a specific quota set. It can be useful to set quotas for default use, eg. "every user gets 10 gigabytes of space in the home folder".

For all quotas

Quotas are applied from the top level down, so the most restrictive quota that is set at the current directory level or above it is applied to restrict the amount of space that can be written to it.

All quotas are set for specific paths, and you can combine them together to better customize your space restrictions.

Quota Management

At this time, we aren't able to expose an interface to manage quotas yourselves. We hope that a forthcoming update to the operating system will expose more role based management options to IT support staff.

For the present, please open a service request from https://my.it.ufl.edu to request quota additions or changes.

Quota Reporting

We can schedule an automated job to email quota reports. Our default scheme is to schedule this job to send this email weekly, unless you request it more frequently.

In addition, the Isilon also has an option to notify administrative staff when a quota limit has been reached. Please let us know if you want this feature enabled, and the threshhold that you want it to be set to.

We will configure both with the email address (perhaps list address) provided for technical staff.