Obtaining Performance Statistics from VMWare

Obtaining Performance Statistics for your Virtual Machine.


Statistics regarding cpu usage, memory utilization, network performance, and disk performance for your virtually hosted machine are available from the VMWare Client. You can view "real-time" sampled stats, historical statistics for a number of hours, days, weeks, or months, and export these figures to Excel spreadsheet format for further analysis.


To do this, sign in to the VMWare Infrastructure Client.


For real time statistics, Click on your machine's name on the left hand side in either Hosts and Clusters view or the Virtual Machines and Templates view (determined by the first icon in the toolbar, which is a pull-down).



Click on the Performance Tab for your machine in the right side.


The default graph displayed is for realtime CPU use - the most commonly requested graph. You can change the current graph to show memory, disk, or network by using the pull-down next to "Switch to".  

To show historical performance statistics, click on "Change Chart Options" in the upper center of the graph window.

The graph view can be saved to a JPG file by clicking on the floppy disk icon in the upper right corner.


To save performance statistics to an Excel spreadsheet, right click on your machine's name in the left hand view when you're in Host and Clusters view or Virtual Machines and Templates view and choose "Report Performance".

First, at the top, choose a location to save the file to on your local workstation.  Then, select options that you want performance stats on. By default, all metrics are exported. In the Excel spreadsheet, each Metric has its own worksheet tab.