NSAM Pricing Guide


The official pricing for the NSAM service is listed in the following table:

Network Storage and Archive Management (NSAM)

Operation Cost
Upload to Server (archive or backup) $0.0001/megabyte (approximately $0.10/GB)
Download from server (archive or backup) $0.0001/megabyte (approximately $0.10/GB)
Server/workstation storage $0.00000637/megabyte/month (approximately $0.22/terabyte/day)

But, those raw numbers are not very useful in determining how much your organization will be charged. The most accurate way to determine pricing, for your specific needs, is to sign up for a pilot program. The second best way to talk about pricing is via some real-world examples. The following chart shows a few different sized data pools and the amount they change over a month period. If your data completely changed during the month, 100% on the x-axis would be the charge point, if your data changed 100% every day, then the 2000% number would apply.


Figure 1. Price versus change in data per month

Price versus change in data per month

Here are some real world examples from the Feb 2003 account logs:

  • Small sized workstation, with about 6GB of very often changing data, is about $2.50 a month.

  • Medium sized webserver, with about 10GB of fairly static data, is also $2.50 a month.

  • Research server, with about 30GB of very often changing data is about $25 a month.

  • UFL.EDU mail server, with about 100 million files, and up to 30 versions of each email is about $300 a month.