New Schedule


TSM maintains backup schedules on the server. These schedules are independant of any given node, and must be associated with the nodes to which they apply in a separate step detailed elsewhere

This document discusses creating a schedule for running an incremental backup at 8:00 PM every day. We'll name this schedule 'MY-SCHED'.


For this procedure, the following definitions apply:


Your policy domain. For most local admins, there is only one.


The name of the schedule you intend to define. We suggest that you name this in a way that indicates both its association with your domain, and the purpose of the schedule.


The time you wish the schedule to begin backup operations. This should be expressed in 24-hour time, with a colon between hour and minute.


The TSM Server instance you are planning to use. For most local admins, the server in question is 'ext'. See the system structure document if you're unsure.

Procedure 1. Definition of a TSM schedule (command line)

  • Define the schedule

    Having connected to the correct SERVER, use the define schedule command:

      DEFine SCHedule  MY-DOM MY-SCHED  startt=20:00   


There are many options available to customize schedules.  For a sketch of them, you can ask your administrative client 'help define schedule'.  If you want to see the docs on the web,  go to the IBM docs (linked to from the Administrator Documentation page) and search on 'define schedule'.