New external domain


In the current design of the CNS backup system, external customers are served by the creation of "Policy Domains" in a TSM server set aside for their use. This document sets out the procedures necessary to create one of these domains. In our example, the new domain will be named 'WAHOO'.

Procedure 1. Generation of a new TSM domain for client use

  1. Define storage pools.

    Determine what storage pools will be needed by the new domain. In most cases, it will be reasonable to define one stgpool for each of the major device classes; DISK, tape libraries, remote copies, and file. Make sure that the disk and file type stgpools have a nextstgpool defined for them.

    def stg WAHOO-3590 3590dev maxscratch=20
    def stg WAHOO-3592 3592dev maxscratch=20
    def stg WAHOO-copies remote_copies maxscratch=100
    def stg WAHOO-BIG BIGFILE maxscratch=100 nextstg=WAHOO-3590
    def stg WAHOO-DISK DISK nextstg=WAHOO-3590
  2. Define domain features

    Determine wether the domain has special needs which would indicate the creation of more than one management class; in most cases this is not necessary.

    def dom  WAHOO
    def pol WAHOO standard
    def mgmt WAHOO standard standard migdest=WAHOO-disk
    def copy WAHOO standard standard dest=WAHOO-disk
    def copy WAHOO standard standard dest=WAHOO-disk t=a
    assign defmgmt WAHOO standard standard
    val pol WAHOO standard

    [ if this validates ]

    act pol WAHOO standard
  3. Grant authority.

    Determine the list of admins who are responsible for the new domain. Grant each of them policy authority over the domain, and storage authority over their stgpools.

    [for each admin]

    grant auth wahooadmin cl=po,st dom=WAHOO stg=WAHOO-copies,WAHOO-BIG,WAHOO-DISK,WAHOO-3590,WAHOO-3592

  4. Record the domain resources in system config

    The new stgpools, at the least, need to be recorded in the system.xml file. If there are administrative schedules which are deemed necessary, in excess of the basic maintainance schedules, then these should be added also.

    <stgpool name='WAHOO-copies' type='copy' reclaim-target='50' />

    <stgpool name='WAHOO-disk' type='primary' lowmig='0' highmig='90' >

    <stgpool name='WAHOO-big' type='primary' lowmig='0' highmig='90' reclaim-target='50'>

    <stgpool name='WAHOO-3592' type='primary' reclaim-target='50'>

    <stgpool name='WAHOO-3590' type='primary' reclaim-target='50'>

Automation aids for domain creation . There exists a script, generate-domain, which will populate these commands with the desired new domain data.

-dom new-domain-name \
[-verbose] \