Information we need to provision a CIFS share from the Isilon


To have an Isilon share provisioned, please open a service request at 

In the request, we'll need the following to get started:

1) Who will need Administrative access to manage the share?  

- This can be UFAD userids or a UFAD based group that you manage.

2) What would you like to call the share?  

- Please use a prefix of some sort that's unique to your department of unit, like "CNS-HOME$", etc.

3) How large should the filespace be?

- in units of 250gb

4) What level of replication do you want to have for the filespace?

- Bronze: No replication

- Silver: Primary filespace in either SSRB or UFDC with a copy replicated to Atlanta for DR purposes.

- Gold: A Primary filespace in either SSRB or UFDC, a secondary copy replicated to the other local datacenter, and a copy replicated offsite to Atlanta for DR purposes.

      Note: Replicated filesystems are read-only - in case of a disaster that requires a failover to the other datacenter, the filesystem will need to be converted to read-write state. This is currently a manual process that is supposed to be automated in an upcoming code release.

5) How would you like for us to configure Share permissions? (aka, ufad\cns-users, change, ufad\cns-admins, full, etc)

6) Do you want any accounts or groups to have the "Run as Root" share permission attribute enabled?

- if you don't need a Run as Root account, please let us know how you want NTFS permissions set at the root of the share?

7) Do you have specific snapshot requirements? 

- if none are specified, we use a default schedule, which is a daily snapshot weekdays that's retained for 14 days, a weekly snapshot collected on Saturday and retained for 6 weeks, and a monthly snapshot that's retained for 6 months.


Multiple shares can be created out of any filespace.  Just tell us the path to use for each.  However, each filespace can only have one replication policy and snapshot policy in place, so for different needs, using a different filespace may be advantageous.

For example, you may want your Home and Share space to be in the same Silver filespace, with the same daily snapshot schedule. However, you may want to choose a different filespace to store database backups, with perhaps cheaper Bronze storage used (no replication) instead of Silver, and possibly no snapshots, since they chew up your space if your backup files are deleted within the retention period.

Prices for Isilon CIFS file hosting service options can be found here: