Exporting a virtual machine to file


Please Note:  In order to export a virtual machine to file, the virtual machine has to be powered off. Also, any external connections to  the VMWare Tools installer,  .isos mounted to the virtual cd drive, or floppy disk image files must be severed before exporting.


To export a virtual machine to an external file system:

1 - Use the VMWare Client for Windows and connect to the cns-esx4mgt.ad.ufl.edu server as usual.

2 - Highlight your virtual machine

3 - Go to the File menu and select Export, then "Export OVF Template".

4 - Choose the destination directory.  You can enter this in UNC notation, or select a local or mapped drive on the host you're running the client on.

5 - Click OK to start the copy.


The time it takes to export the virtual machine depends on how much data is contained in it, the workstation it's being copied through, and network activity.  It will usually take a while.