Accessing the VMWare 4 or VMWare 5 Management Server to manage your Virtual Machines.

Accessing the VMware 5 Management Server to Manage Virtual Hosts


VMWare 4 or 5 hosts can be managed via web browser (Firefox/IE/Chrome) with Flash or VMWare Windows client.  The main difference between the two access methods is that you can review and export performance statistics using the Windows client. The web client is preferred.


To manage your VMWare Hosts via web browser:

Point any web browser to:

Click on the "Log in to Web Access" link in the upper right corner under vSphere Web Access.

Log in to the client using your Gatorlink userid and password.

Expand the Datacenter shown on the left side, and click on your virtual server.

Most of the controls for the machine (like Power On/Off, reset, Install VMWare Tools) are located on the right side.

The Console access requires the installation of an applet/plugin for the browser.


To install the Windows client:

First, be sure to connect to the 'cnshosting' VPN

Point any web browser to: 

Click on the "Download vSphere Client" link in the left side.

VMWare clients are version specific - a VMWare 4 client is unable to manage a VMWare 5 system and vice-versa. If you connect to a server running a different version of the software, it'll prompt you to download and install the appropriate client.

Log in to the vSphere client using the gatorlink credentials that are assigned to manage your virtual machine(s).  If you're authenticated to your workstation using those credentials, you can click on the check box to "Use Windows session credentials" to pass those credentials through to the server.


Console Access using either method

Console access requires a direct connection between your workstation and the ESX node that the virtual machine is running on. Since the hosts are on a secure network, this connection is only available via the CNSHosting vpn.  Anyone with management rights to a virtual machine can log in to the CNSHosting VPN.

For more information about how to connect to the CNSHosting VPN, please see:

Console access is the only feature affected by this - the ability to power on/off, reset the machine, or gather statistics is available without the VPN client.