Backups (NSAM aka ITSM aka TSM aka ADSM)

NSAM (Backup) Service Description

The Open Systems group provides the Network Storage and Archive Management (NSAM) service to support backup, archive, and space-management functions across campus and in the community. We use the IBM product Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) to provide this service.

Backups with TSM

Looking for the TSM clients? Trying to find configuration parameters? Start at the administrator documentation if you're a user of the NSAM service.

The first, best resource for contacting NSAM staff is the service mailing list, This list reaches all the staff.

If you have an emergency, these are the CNS staff who work with the NSAM system. The phonebook search at the UF home page should get you contact information for them.


  • Allen S. Rout

  • John Bevis


NSAM Service Definition

Service Dependencies
Systems Administration
Machine Dependencies